Prawn cocktail

To get the classic 1970’s taste, you have to use readymade ingredients for the sauce – ketchup and mayonnaise or salad cream whichever suits your taste. A squeeze of lemon – or to be authentic, a squeeze of Jif Lemon – gives the sauce a lift. In the memory of H.E. Bates, the unpeeled prawns should be draped over the top of the glass.

Serves 4


250 g peeled prawns

3 tablespoons of mayonnaise

1 tablespoon of tomato ketchup

Squeeze of lemon juice or Jif Lemon

Little gem lettuce or floppy 1970’s lettuce


Sprig of parsley

4 unpeeled prawns

Slice of brown bread and butter for each person cut into quarters


1.    Mix together the mayonnaise, ketchup and lemon juice and gently stir in the prawns.

2.    Chop the lettuce into ribbons and put in the bottom of 4 wine glasses.

3.    Top each glass with the prawns and sprinkle a little paprika and put a sprig of parsley on top.

4.    Drape an unpeeled prawn over the side of each glass.

5.    Put the glass on a frilly doyley on a saucer and serve with quarters of buttered brown bread.

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