Fresh fruit salad

Fresh fruit salad

You can add exotic ingredients to this recipe such as kiwi fruit and fresh pineapple. We had this limited range of fruit available and we also added a very large amount of sugar (100g to 250 ml water), which modern tastes would avoid. Stupidly we boiled the lemon juice in the sugary water which destroyed vitamin C. I suggest you just squeeze and mix it together with the sugar which will

Serves 4


2 red skinned apples

2 oranges

2 bananas

100g black or green grapes – remove the pips

juice of 1 lemon

2 tbs sugar


1. Core the apples and peel the oranges and bananas then cut the fruit into small, even pieces. We were very fussy about how this was done, but now as long as it is neat, I don’t think it matters!

2. Mix the lemon juice with the sugar, add the fruit and toss well.  Chill before serving.

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