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Breast of lamb with roast potatoes

It’s quite hard to buy a breast of lamb these days as it is often chopped up and sold as barbecue lamb ribs! But if you can buy one from a traditional butchers it is really cheap if rather fatty!

Serves 4

Rolled, stuffed breast of lamb


1 breast of lamb with the bones in

1 packet of sage and onion stuffing mix

1-2 potatoes for roasting

Little lard – or use oil for modern cooking



Buy a breast of lamb in one piece with all the bones still in it. Use a sharp knife to cut round each rib bone. Make sure you don’t pierce through the skin. Take out the rib bones in one piece. Cut off any big bits of fat.
Make the stuffing with a dried sage an onion stuffing mix or make your own from bread, onions and herbs mixed with egg.
Put the boned breast of lamb flat on chopping board, with the skin side on the board. Smooth the stuffing evenly over the top. Roll up the breast of lamb starting with the thin end.

Squeeze it into a roll and then tie with string. Rub the outside with salt.

Preheat the oven at 150C /Gas 4.

Place the lamb on a roasting tin and roast the joint slowly for two hours, so that the fat melts out and the meat is tender with some crackling skin on the outside. Pour any excess cooled fat into a large glass jar. Do not pour down the sink as it sets solid in the u bend and is impossible to budge!

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