19th February Mark’s journey – the beginning


Mark has agreed that it’s a good idea to send progress emails. His hospital visits began on February 8th 2018.

Today, February 16th, we start the chemo sessions – unknown territory for us, and unknown effects.

Mark and I are staying in Seaford – he grew up by the sea and loves looking at the water through storms and sunshine and is a cloud expert able to read the day’s weather.

Our journey to hospital passes through the most magnificent countryside in England – the South Downs National Park. Across the hills, dropping down to Cuckmere Haven, on over the road beside the chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters – part of BBC Seven Man Made Wonders.

On to Birling Gap and a stop to look over the cliff edge and on sunny days a sparkling sea with a view that Mark says travels to the unknown. Then on past Belle Tout lighthouse, round by Beachy Head until we reach the spectacular views over the bay above Eastbourne.

Mark’s illness has been diagnosed very suddenly. He’s got aggressive small cell cancer, normally found in the lung, but in his case it’s in the bowel and liver.

We travelled to Seville in December, had a marvellous family Christmas in stormy Dungeness and booked to go to Hungary next week – February 26th – that’s how well he felt.

Now we have time to talk and sit quietly together and reflect on our busy fifty two years together. Family and friends have been a massive support and we are learning to be less occupied with the clatter and clutter of daily life.

So onwards and upwards on this next journey with dignity which will take all of our courage. We thank you all for the massive support and love,

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