Marguerite Patten – my tribute

Marguerite Patten

Today, June 11th 2015 is a great tribute day to Marguerite Patten. And here is mine.

In 1960 at school I was ‘too clever’ to take part in cooking lessons but I was given Cookery in Colour by Marguerite Patten.

In 2010 I went to her house in Brighton and she signed the battered copy and wrote ‘To Jenny with love – Glad you found this helpful’.

Indeed it was the start of something brilliant – over 40 years for me working with food.

cookery in colourcookery in colour

More to come but now I have to go to work!


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2 responses to “Marguerite Patten – my tribute

  1. Gosh what a wonderful email that I have just found from you – I so enjoyed writing the Middle Eastern book with so much personal research with people from the area who lived in London and cooked the recipe feasts for me to sample. I’ll look for the Danish Apple Cake if I can find her book! Best wishes Jenny


  2. Fiona

    Dear Jenny,
    I was very happy to stumble upon your Blog this morning. I realize you are the author of the first Middle-Eastern cookbook I ever bought, to learn how to cook Egyptian recipes for my fiancé. Almost thirty years later my husband still loves your recipes for Kofta, Ground Rice Pudding, Orange Pudding, Koshary and Roast Persian Lamb! You DID teach me to cook them….<3
    Interested to see the article on Marguerite Patten, I remember seeing her books in our kitchen when I was growing up. I am looking for her recipe for Danish Apple Pudding/Cake. I know I will enjoy many of the recipes on your Blog as they are part of my Scottish childhood I hope you can reunite me with that particular recipe!.


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