Pancakes with lemon

Pancakes are fantastic to make for Shrove Tuesday and quite nutritious too.

Get ready to eat them hot with caster sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Pancake batter

100 g plain flour

Large pinch salt

1 egg – more if you want to be nutritious

250 ml milk

25 g lard or 2 tbs oil if you want to be healthier

Caster sugar



1.    Make up the batter by beating the flour into the egg and then gradually adding the milk and then pour it into a measuring jug.

2.    Heat some of the lard or oil in a frying pan until it gives off a blue haze.

3.  Pour in a little of the batter and twirl it around the pan until the mixture sets.

4. Lift underneath with a palate knife and turn over – if you dare, toss it.

5. Cook until both sides are speckled brown.

6. Turn out and sprinkle with sugar and lemon.

7. Make the next one!

Note – the first pancake usually falls to bits so the second will be better. In schools in the 1970s I had heavy based frying pans that never stuck and made perfect pancakes. These days, cheap pans stick, so persevere.

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